Thursday nights  (commencing 8 October)
– Exercises & games
– Voice
– Movement
– Improv scene work

These classes are suitable for absolute beginners to advanced levels of actors and is of particular benefit to non-actors who are interested in developing their voice projection, stage presence and general confidence in front of audiences e.g for public speaking. Our instructors are theatre professionals and are very passionate about helping students enjoy the process of improvisation. The classes cover the fundamental elements of improvisation; the practice of performing dialogue within a story framework, unrehearsed and entirely in the moment.

Each exercise helps you develop confidence in how to interACT with others and build up your ability to communicate spontaneously and imaginatively while having a lot of fun!

“It removes the fear of having to speak, act and do things I would otherwise never have done in my life. I highly recommend it!” Rebecca Sykes – student

Fee: $25 per class

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