The Archway 1 Theatre Coffee Co. brand of roasted Coffee beans sourced Fair Trade from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, Colombia and Sumatra,.

The locals; inner west dog walkers and park enthusiasts have been non-stop talking to us with excitement and joy at discovering our theatre company, as they pose for portraits with their dogs, children, mothers, sons, daughters, friends and brothers. Each image is posted on our Archway 1 Theatre Coffee Co Instagram page. The community gathering of people and animals is often very entertaining. We know nearly all the names of dogs that frequent with their human friend, we see people who are strangers to each other, talk to each other. This love for our little theatre under the arches is humbling and we feel super happy that the hard and at times challenging work we do running things, is rewarded by the positive warmth from the Sydney community.

Our regulars include teachers, two philosophers, an international scientist, three architects, a steady stream of actors, several film directors, business owners, two yogis, film/theatre set builders, an international puppeteer, a musician from a famous Australian band, two well known painters, a Spanish guitarist, a sculptor, writers, council workers, cyclists, two teachers, students, retirees, many happy vegans and the like.

The stream of comments we get are

“Love what you guys are doing! Don’t stop, we will support it”
“We have been waiting twenty years for this to happen!”
“Thank God you’re here!”
“WOW, just WOW! This is amazing and reminds me of New York.”
“I wish I knew you were here, when my kids were at school, they’re all grown up now.”
“I am so HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY and excited that you are here!” (82 year old local resident- Patty)
“It’s about time you guys did this here!”
“OMG! This is exactly what I thought should be here.”
“I normally never visit this part of the park, but now I do.”
“This is awesome!”
“Hey, this is great! Reminds me of Europe.”
“So glad you guys are here! We are going to come and see some theatre.”
“I am going to tell all the mother and parent groups you guys are here.”
“I’m going to mention you guys in the local school newsletter.”
“I can’t believe I can walk out my door and down to the park, to watch theatre and have a coffee.”

Check out our Instagram feed where Barista Stefan, captures the coffee drinkers with delightful insight.

Better yet come down to the theatre and watch a play, or bring your dog for a walk and grab a coffee.