Our season of George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM was a huge SUCCESS!!! Thank you to last nights audience!! Thanks for your patience while we seated some of those on the waiting list. We seated over our capacity! Many others on the waiting list unfortunately missed out. In total, we were very fortunate to have had 202 people see this production, over six nights and countless phone calls enquiring about available tickets.

We are overwhelmed and humbled that you loved the production and that the word was spread about the show! It was 3 months of intense rehearsals, text heavy dialogue which our cast were remarkable in memorizing. Huge credit goes out to the stellar actors in this production. The stars of the show whose professionalism, positivity and sanity was maintained under many challenging circumstances. It was an enlightening experience for all of us, a joyful yet exhausting process, but like all artists we do it because we love it and we want to share our enthusiasm and our passion for storytelling with others.

Thank you for supporting The Archway 1 Theatre Company. An enormous thank you to the following fantabulous people who made everything look incredible and supported behind the scenes:
Stage Construction: Stefan von Reiche, Federico Wiener, Mathias Olofsson
Props: Laura Smith, Mathias Olofsson, Maria Hansson & Pam.
Costume: Laura Smith
Lighting: Federico Wiener
Make up design: Laura Smith
Make up: Luna Andom
Photography and Video: Stefan von Reiche
Box Office: Veronika Pincevic
Door: Tuna von Reiche
Backstage: Sab Mosely
Sponsors Atlassian (Seating)

Acknowledgments: The Local Bicentennial/Jubilee Park community and the City of Sydney Council for their support.
ORIGIN THEATRICAL for the playwright release of this work.
Produced & Directed by Rachel Jordan for the Archway 1 Theatre Company

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