It was with great satisfaction, joy and delight that we say Thank You! Thank you to our audiences for coming and supporting the Archway 1 Theatre Company. Thank you for your overwhelmingly positive comments, we are truly thrilled that you loved this gem of a production, the actors, the staging. It was our intention to transport you to another time – the 1950’s and have you live there a little. This play was so much fun to produce, that all involved where so excited to be involved. The cast and crew that make these glimpses of performance art under a bridge in a park by the bay, worked tirelessly through illness and exhaustion to present Overtones.

It is with great admiration for the following people, that we thank them for their time and talent in making this show a success. Cast: Stephanie Cowton, Celia Finter, Sarah Purdue and Shannon Dooks. An incredibly talented ensemble, dedicated and committed to working tirelessly to present stellar, world stage performances each night. We can definitely see a bright future for each of you. You each brought to the stage such warmth, depth and believability that we were all transported and engaged. Thank you for your work and your commitment to this production, you are very talented people and we have alot of love for you guys. #actorstowatch

A tremendous thank you to our MERAVIGLIOSO/MARVELOUS Overtones director Bianca Bonino, a passionate, talented and thoughtful person, whose immense enthusiasm, tenacity, cleverness and humour was a pleasure to witness and work with.  It was wonderful to have a director involved with the production from assisting with lighting to developing the video footage. Bianca set the stage for each actor to explore Gerstenberg’s text, to explore their craft and find themselves within the text, the results were sensational. Thank you Bianca, with much gratitude. #directortowatch

An enormous thank you to our Set Designer and Set Construction team boss Stefan von Reiche, who time and time again, creates amazing staging for Archway 1 Theatre Company productions. Stefan is the Archway 1 Site Manager and our resident photographer. Is there nothing this man can’t do? #artist #photographer #artdirectorfortheatreandfilm

Thank you to Mauro Colombis, Tuna von Reiche, Yosra Darawshe and Grace Walsh assisting with the production.

Thank you to Andrew and family for that original AWA 1950’s Television that makes our set look all that much more authentic!

Thank you to our local resident supporters. #residentsofAnnandale #residentsofGlebe Thank you to City of Sydney for their continued support of Archway 1.

And finally in the words of Gerstenberg’s Harriet, “My life is full, happy, complete.” -Alice Gerstenberg


Photo credit: Stefan von Reiche