“I worked with Rachel Jordan when she directed The Salsa Plays by Alex Broun. Rachel really knows her stuff. She knows how to get the best out of a performer to really enhance a scene, but she does it with the most relaxed and affable manner. She certainly embodies grace under pressure. We had a very tight turn around for The Salsa Plays and what could have been a very stressful experience was, instead, very fun. I really enjoyed the whole experience and I look forward to working with Rachel and the Archway 1 team again.”  Iseult Champion Actor.
“Archway 1 Theatre Company are dedicated to offering a high quality enjoyable theatrical experience to a broad audience. From their unique space to the support offered to me as a director and the care given to the wellbeing and growth of their actors, everything is purposefully done. The team are down to earth, highly professional and fun and this is reflected in the reaction of the audiences that attend. I admired the company’s creative solutions to set design and their tireless efforts to engage the community, helping to demystify the theatre and make it accessible to all. I found my experience working with the company to be incredibly rewarding and enriching and a key part of my growth as a director.” Neelam Gopalani Director 5 PLAYS
“I saw the play at the Archway theatre a number of days ago, with a group of colleagues. Just wanted to let you know that I thought Andrew Fritz did a terrific job and we all very much enjoyed the play. I will be seeing David Sedaris while he’s here, during January, and will let him know that his work is being put into excellent use.” Regards, Ori Golan  Journalist  Re- The Santaland Diaries  Writer David Sedaris,  Adapted for the Stage by Joe Mantello, Director Steven Tait.

“Great show!” Janessa Dufty (Dancer-Sydney Dance Company)

“It was a great show! Great performances! Christina Cristou (Alkehela)

“Great show, loved it!” Anna S.

“Very relatable stories and touching performances” Ian B.

“This is off-broadway and deserves huge audiences” Frank Hogewind

“First class acting, first class show” Mark Avery

“Very impressed with these actors. A great show” Margo H.

Re: The Archway 1 Monologues – Addiction  Writers Alex Broun & the A1TC Ensemble, Director Yannick Lawry

“I was seriously impressed by the Archway Theatre production, last weekend. This is both a relatively new group and an unknown (to me) playwright dealing with one of the more difficult current political issues.  I found it to be both an excellent script and an excellent production. In just over an hour the ensemble cast managed to communicate the complexities of people seeking refuge in ways that held the audience’s attention.

The small cast moved very comfortably through a range of roles and presenting modes. The use of an almost Greek chorus model of joint voices to tell the stories and connect the dots was most effective. The bulk of the text was primarily based on ‘quotes’ from the attitudes expressed by those opposing the current influx of asylum seekers worked very well.  The mix of motives and corruption of those in power and the fear of those seeking to escape, played out in ways that engaged the audience and moved the story on.

I am particularly interested in political theatre and have seen many productions that could be described as agit-prop.  As a regular theatregoer, I am also interested in good theatrical experiences that make effective use of the power of performance to tell a story and provide significant creative experience for the audience.  I am particularly impressed therefore in the abilities of this playwright/director and cast to offer a production that ticked the box of innovative engaging theatre and informed articulated political narratives.

The reversal of the roles of asylum seekers and ‘host’ country was a particularly powerful way of challenging often facile assumptions and engages the audience.  The text is powerful and the production makes good use of the material. I would be very happy to see this work being widely available as it both contributes good theatrical experiences and intellectual fodder.  I would recommend it for further support.” Eva Cox AO Professorial Fellow, UTS   re: FATHER AUSTRALIA – Writer/Director Suzanne Mackay

“A huge task adapting a classic novel & appearing professional while crawling around the floor being an animal …however they pulled it off & brought Orwell’s novel to life.”  Director  Theatre Time Sydney  Maggy Franklin

” I was so impressed with Animal Farm – really professional” Designer and VIVID 2014 artist Sue Theron

“I’ve bought tickets for multiple shows at Archway 1 because each show has been awesome!! The space & sets always blow my mind. They’re always new and fresh. Animal Farm was the most recent production that I went to and I was impressed by all that I’ve mentioned plus the acting. The actors were AMAZING. I could see the passion shine through all those who absolutely loved doing what they do. JUST BRILLIANT!” Sydney DJ & MC, DJ D-FLAT

Re: ANIMAL FARM  Writer George Orwell, Adaption Nelson Bond, Director Rachel Jordan